Photo by: Rita Sherman

My name is Oleg Leikin. I am a web & graphic designer with over 8 years of freelance and studio experience. Most of my skills and knowledge are self taught. I graduated the school of Graphic Design and Print Production in Headdress College, Jerusalem. Now I live and work in Toronto, Ontario.
As a designer I appreciate simple solutions, although not necessarily easy to obtain.

My philosophy about design is quite clear and direct. Clarity of message is the first thing, while the visually exiting aesthetic design fits the target like a glove. I don't believe in on particular style. I get inspired from Swiss modern design equally as from David Carson's chaotic typography. I do have special sympathy for Dutch design, which, combines cultural roots and endless visual experimental expedition.

I have a wide range of skills, technical and creative, which includes HTML/CSS hand coding, WordPress, responsive web design and complex print production. I had the opportunity to work with clients from a wide range of industries, such as Toronto Pearson Airport, Purdue University, George Brown College, Cisco Systems, The Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.
Being a designer for me is not a career, it’s a way of life.

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